About the Founder

Hélène Thériault- BScOT, MAdEd, MCC

Hélène Thériault is a world-renowned speaker, holistic coach, and an award-winning educator – fluent in both French and English. With her company Function First Coaching, she is on a mission to change the face of healthcare by empowering service providers, professionals, and leaders to build sustainable practices and improve patients’ clinical outcomes.

With her proprietary and accredited methodology “Dive Into a Coach Approach™”, Hélène trains and certifies healthcare professionals with a holistic framework that combines the best coaching practices, proven leadership skills, strength-based models, and a rich toolkit designed to boost business growth and create lasting results for patients.

Hélène learned the importance of community, family, and friendship growing up in Grand Falls/Grand-Sault, New Brunswick. Competing in synchronized figure skating internationally developed her appreciation for teamwork and perseverance. These experiences showed her the values of acceptance and encouragement, and gave her a strong foundation of personal understanding, all of which inform her private coaching practice. 

“When you get the most out of yourself and learn how to put your best foot forward, that’s when I’m at my happiest!”

Hélène is also a registered occupational therapist and works as a clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia. She holds a Master of Adult Education degree from St. Francis Xavier University.

When she’s not making waves in the healthcare industry, you can find Hélène skiing with her husband and two kids or playing beach volleyball in one of the breathtaking spots in British Columbia.

Our Approach

Our Vision

Shifting healthcare from inside out

Our Mission

To accelerate patient empowerment by reinventing how healthcare professionals lead and act.

Our Values


We are committed to creating a standardized and world-renowned healthcare approach that empowers individuals and professionals to be the best version of themselves.


We are lifelong learners aiming to elevate healthcare education and to facilitate learning in a fun interactive manner to shift information into practical new habits.

Servant leadership

We are born leaders on a mission to serve the healthcare industry and help its people meet their work and personal goals.

Accurate Empathy

We recognize the value of communicating with respect and care while having a deep understanding of our clients’ experiences, aspirations, and needs.


We are committed to delivering excellent training programs and services that support the growth and success of healthcare professionals and organizations.