Boost your career, your approach, and yourself – new tools, assessments and resources are only the beginning.

Coaching for Occupational Therapists —
Professional Coaching, support, and resources for OTs and their organizations

Being someone who understands the multifaceted requirements and burdens of different cases puts me in a great position to help coach OT’s. Whether you need support and assistance with a particularly complex client caseload, help transitioning to private practice, or you want to discover new intervention and treatment tools. I’m here to help you build upon and advance the Occupational Therapist you already are.

My goal is to utilize the Coach Approach for individual OTs and OTs within an organization, passing on its values and encouraging continuation through this style. Like ripples in a pond, implementation leads to extensive growth and widespread benefits for both OTs and businesses looking to advance in this department. Increasing return on investment, diversifying referral portfolios and inspiring professional confidence are just some of the payoffs –if we want to make more ripples we need to nurture and exercise our throwing arm, to put the best of ourselves into our work and extend our reach.