Dive Into a Coach Approach™ 3.0

Level 3 - Live Implementation

$1,397 USD

Revolutionize the way you manage your patients or lead your team in healthcare​

Practice and implement the skills gained from the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ methodology to support a client in real time.

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January 15 - April 23, 2025

All classes are Live online from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Classes marked and an * indicates it is mandatory to attend or view the recording.

  • Class 1: January 15 2025 *
  • Class 2: February 5, 2025
  • Class 3: February 26, 2025 *
  • Class 4: March 26, 2025
  • Class 5: April 23, 2025 *

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“Simply telling our patients what to do in order to get better doesn’t translate to meaningful action or outcomes. THIS is the missing link.”

In this 10-hour course, practice and implement the skills gained from the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ methodology to support a client in real time.

Dive Into a Coach Approach™ Level 3 – Live Implementation is a transformative 10-hour course that equips you with a comprehensive coaching methodology tailored to your specific area of practice. In this course, you’ll work directly with a coachee, providing them with six personalized coaching sessions to support them in achieving their goals.

As part of this course, one of your coaching sessions will be recorded, enabling you to receive personalized Growth Feedback. This feedback focuses on the eight core coaching competencies endorsed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), helping you enhance your coaching skills.

Throughout your journey, you’ll receive continuous support. Join live online sessions with Hélène and a small group at the beginning, middle, and end of the training. These sessions provide a space to discuss challenges, celebrate successes, and review core coaching competencies and coaching tools.

By the end of the course, you’ll walk away with a toolkit of 10 coaching tools that you’ll have practiced with your coachee, empowering you to provide effective coaching from start to finish. Dive into this course and earn the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ micro-credentialing certificate while making a significant impact on your coaching journey and your coachee’s life.

This course is specifically tailored for individuals who have successfully completed the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ – Level 1 (Core Fundamentals), Level 2A (Relationship Mastery) and 2B (Technical Mastery) courses.  


  • Advance Your Coaching Skills: If you are eager to further enhance and refine your coaching skills, this course offers the ideal platform to elevate your abilities to the next level.
  • Develop Your Leadership Skills: Whether you are already in a leadership position or aspiring to become a leader, this course empowers you to develop and strengthen your leadership skills.
  • Tools for Enhanced Coaching: If you are seeking additional tools and techniques to improve and expand your coaching skills, Dive Into a Coach Approach™ 2.0 – Level 2A equips you with valuable resources.
  • Boost Confidence with Coach Approach: Gain confidence in using a Coach Approach in healthcare settings, further enhancing your ability to engage effectively with patients and colleagues.
  • Dive Into a Coach Approach™ Certification Pursuit: For individuals who aspire to become Coaching Champions within their organizations or establish credibility within their specific area of practice, enabling them to effectively apply a Coach Approach.
  • ICF Credentialing Pursuit: For those on the path towards International Coaching Federation (ICF) Credentialing, this course provides valuable Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) hours to support your journey.




  • 5 x 1.0 hour of live online group training (three are mandatory)
  • 6 x 0.75 to 1.0 hour coaching sessions with your assigned client/ coachee
  • 2 hours of content in your online module
  • 10- hour Continued Education Certification
  • 1 x Customized Badge



  • 10 tools to adapt and apply with your coaching journey with your client
  • Personalized Growth Feedback following ICF core coaching competencies
  • Access to an online module throughout the course


*All classes are recorded and accessible for viewing throughout the duration of the course*

  1. Apply the Coach Approach Framework:

By the end of this course, participants will practice and demonstrate the application of the Coach Approach framework with their assigned client, adapting as needed the methodology to their specific area of practice.

  1. Practice Core Coaching Competencies:

Participants will engage in active coaching sessions with their own assigned client, allowing them to practice and hone the core coaching competencies outlined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Through practical experience, they will develop and strengthen their coaching skills, including active listening, powerful questioning, and goal setting.

  1. Acquire Feedback for Skill Improvement:

By submitting one recording of a coaching session with their coachee, participants will receive personalized Growth Feedback from their instructor. This feedback will focus on the eight ICF core coaching competencies, providing valuable insights to enhance their coaching skills and effectiveness.

  1. Analyze Coaching Impact:

Participants will analyze outcome measures and assess the impact of their coaching journey with their assigned client. This involves evaluating the progress, growth, and achievement of the coachee’s goals, contributing to a deeper understanding of the coaching process and its effectiveness.

These learning objectives encompass a range of cognitive and practical skills, ensuring participants gain a comprehensive understanding of coaching and the ability to apply it effectively in their respective fields.

Q1. How to I register for the course?

Answer: To register for this course, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Ensure Completion of Required Courses:
You should have successfully completed the following courses: “Dive Into a Coach Approach™ 1.0 – Level 1 Core Fundamentals,” “Dive Into a Coach Approach™ 2.0 – Level 2A – Relationship Mastery,” and “Dive Into a Coach Approach™ 2.0 – Level 2B – Technical Mastery.”

  1. Fill out the Registration Form:
    Complete the registration form provided on our website. This form will verify your course completion and gather essential information to help us match you with the right client for your coaching journey.

We are committed to ensuring that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to use the Coach Approach effectively in your specific area of practice. Register today to embark on your coaching journey and make a meaningful impact in your professional field.

Q2: Can I use this training towards ICF credentialing?

Answer: Absolutely! Our training can contribute to your ICF credentialing in the following ways:

For ACC levels, you can apply it as part of the required 10 hours of mentorship. Simply submit your Certificate of Completion and Growth Feedback form to count these hours. Alternatively, you can apply it towards your Client Coaching Log if you don’t need to use your mentorship hours.

If you’re looking for more comprehensive preparation for your credentialing, we also offer Level 4.0 training – ACC Mentorship. This additional program provides extra practice and support to help you excel in your credentialing journey.

Q3: What is the total time commitment?

Answer: The training spans approximately 4-month period and involves a total of 10 hours. Here’s a breakdown of the time commitment:

  • You’ll have a 45-minute individual session with a PCC certified coach to discuss and refine your Coaching Growth Goal.
  • During the course, you’ll conduct six 45-minute to 1-hour individual coaching sessions with your Coachee. You can schedule these sessions at times that are convenient for both of you.
  • Additionally, there will be five 1-hour small group sessions scheduled at the beginning, middle, and end of the training, three of which will be mandatory to attend or watch the recording.

 In terms of preparation, you may spend 15-30 minutes reviewing the content of the online modules and tools before our first small group session. For each of your six 1:1 coaching sessions, you’ll typically allocate 5-15 minutes for session preparation

Q4: What if I miss a mandatory live session with our group?

Answer: If you miss a mandatory live session with our group, you’ll have until the following class to watch the recording and submit your learning and feedback form to your instructor.

Q5: Who will be my Coachee?

Answer: Your Coachee will be an individual seeking coaching services, typically within your scope of practice or in the field of health and wellness. 

Q6: How do you find the Coachee?

Answer: Some Coachees may have filled out our Be a Coachee Program and will be matched with you in that way. Others may have been recommended by yourself or other previous or current participants.

Q7: Does the Coachee pay for this service?

Answer: Yes, they are informed that they pay the price of one session to receive six sessions ($250 USD). At times, this rate can be subsidized depending on the situation. We do try to ensure that the Coachee pays a nominal fee to honor and respect the time commitment and this offering.

Q8: What if it’s not a good match between me and the client/coachee?

Answer: You will have an opportunity to have a Chemistry call (about 20 minutes) before formalizing your commitment in this journey. If it’s not a good fit, we will match you with another Coachee. It’s important that both parties feel comfortable and excited to embark on this transformative journey together.

Q9: How will I be introduced to my Coachee?

Answer: Your Instructor will do an e-introduction to both of you. From there, you will set a time that works best for you both to meet.

Q10: Are the sessions conducted by phone or on an online platform?

Answer: You will choose with your Coachee their preferred method. The first session is typically on a visual platform such as Zoom, and the remaining sessions can be conducted either by phone or using an online platform of your choice


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Get Certified

We are proud to announce that CCE and AOTA credits are available in our Dive Into a Coach Approach™ Certification Training Program.

Earn 12 CCE
Earn 1.2 CEU
10 Hours

About our Micro-Credentialing Journey


Level 1 - This is the first level of our accredited micro-credentialing journey. In this 12-hour course, discover the core fundamentals of the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ model, framework, mindset and techniques for healthcare professionals.


Level 2A - This is the second level of our accredited micro-credentialing journey. In this 10-hour course, you'll first attune your relationship strengths and grow your coaching skills where you'll receive your personalized Relationship Intelligence (RQ) assessment that will support you to refine your coaching skills.


Level 2B - In this 10-hour hybrid training, continue diving deeper following completing of the Level 2.0 Relationship Mastery to refine your coaching skills through practicing the proven techniques of the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ framework.


Level  3 - This is the third level of our accredited micro-credentialing journey. In this 10-hour course, practice and implement the skills gained from the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ methodology to support a client / patient in real time.


Level 4 - The last step of the journey won't direct you to another webpage. However, additional information is available upon request and upon entering the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ (DICA) Journey.

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Meet Your Facilitator

Hélène Thériault on faculty in the Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy at the University of British Columbia where she is a clinical instructor, fieldwork preceptor and offers her Coach Approach seminar to graduating therapists. She is also a certified Total SDI Facilitator and Leadership Circle Profile.

Hélène combines over two decades of experience in the field, her Master of Adult Education, and her highest coaching credential, Master Certified Coach (MCC).

With her proprietary and accredited methodology “Dive Into a Coach Approach™”, Hélène trains and certifies healthcare professionals with a holistic framework that combines the best coaching practices, proven leadership skills, strength-based models, and a rich toolkit designed to boost business growth and create lasting results for patients.

In recognition of her commitment to coaching, Hélène was honored as the 2023 International Coaching Federation (ICF) Emerging Coach Educator.

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