Dive Into a Coach Approach™ with Hélène Thériault

“Simply telling our patients what to do in order to get better doesn’t translate to meaningful action or outcomes. THIS is the missing link.”

In just 10 hours of learning, you will acquire the core competencies to apply a Coach Approach in your practice for a variety of clinical populations. You will have the tools that you need to guide your clients to be the driver of their own health and well-being.

Whether you are a PT, Kin, OT, manual therapist, mental health provider, or medical practitioner, A Coach Approach will show you how to help your clients make the changes that will accelerate their recovery by engaging them in an effective coaching dialogue!

Hélène Thériault is a leading expert in coaching in healthcare. Her Dive Into a Coach Approach method is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and is designed to shift healthcare from the inside out by reinventing how healthcare professionals lead and relate to their patients!

This course is designed for clinicians who are interested in learning how to support patients to move past perceptual barriers such as beliefs, attitudes, assumptions and judgements while maintaining a strong therapeutic relationship.

In just 12 hours of learning, you will acquire the core competencies to apply a Coach Approach in your practice for a variety of clinical populations. You will have the tools that you need to guide your clients to be the driver of their own health and well-being.

On the first day of the course you will gain access to 7 hours of Online Learning that you will complete at your pace to gain the foundations! You will understand the evidence, rationale and structure of the Coach Approach and learn the skills you need to have an effective coaching dialogue to support clients with moving towards self-management, thereby alleviating your load.

We will have a live online workshop where you will have the opportunity to practice the core coaching competencies and experience the impact that a coaching dialogue will have for you and for your clients. Clinicians will swim away with 12 Continued Coaching Education (CCE) to apply towards coaching credentialing AND their own customized action plan to support them to use a coach approach immediately.

  • 4-6 hours of online learning at your own pace 2-weeks before the live event

  • 5-hours during the live online event to practice skills and deepen learning (June 10th – 9AM – 2PM)

  • 1-hour virtual follow up Q&A 3-months following the live event (September 16th – 9AM – 10AM)


  • A 60-page e-book, PDF fillable

  • A wealth of reference materials to dive into and explore during and after the course

  • Access to the online module to download tools and resources up to 2-weeks after the live event

  • Apply a coaching model to improve clinical outcomes, save rehabilitation planning time and prevent burnout.
  • Apply a 4-step framework to guide a coaching dialogue and high-impact accountability
  • List 9 techniques from the 4-step framework that will help you use a coach approach with confidence
  • Build high-quality patient-clinician interactions using the 4 guiding principles
  • Develop an action plan to start implementing a coach approach in your practice immediately

Hélène Thériault on faculty in the Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy at the University of British Columbia where she is a clinical instructor, fieldwork preceptor and offers her Coach Approach seminar to graduating therapists.

She is a leading expert in coaching in healthcare combining her 20-years of working in healthcare, her Master of Adult Education, and her coaching certifications. With her proprietary and accredited methodology “Dive Into a Coach Approach™”, Hélène trains and certifies healthcare professionals with a holistic framework that combines the best coaching practices, proven leadership skills, strength-based models, and a rich toolkit designed to boost business growth and create lasting results for patients.

Hélène is passionate for shifting healthcare from inside out to accelerate patient empowering by reinventing how healthcare professionals lead and act so they can experience the outcomes she’s and many other healthcare professionals have experiences as a result of this training: burnout reduction, improve patient satisfaction, better clinical outcomes, boost confidence in clinical and leadership skills, cultivate strong therapeutic relationships, and more. For more information, please visit www.functionfirstcoaching.com.Item description

After students have had ample time to explore and handle the concepts and practices delivered in the 10-hour Coach Approach Level 1 workshop, Hélène will host a 60-minute virtual group coaching session. Students are encouraged to bring questions and case studies to this session where they can unpack issues they are having or seek clarification on using the Coach Approach in healthcare. Common stuck points clinicians may struggle with and what to do about them will be explored as well as sharing other clinicians experience of using the coach approach training to grow their career.

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We are proud to announce that CCE and AOTA credits are available in our Dive Into a Coach Approach™ Certification Training Program.

Earn 12 CCE
Earn 1.2 CEU

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