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Dive Into a Coach Approach™ Micro-Credentialing Journey

We design an award-winning comprehensive journey for healthcare organizations to: increase patient satisfaction  increase employee retention  reduce employee burnout  increase double-bottom line

Designed to embed a coaching culture within your organization, equipping your leaders with the skills and mindset necessary to provide sustained learning and development.

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Our Micro-Credentialing Journey​

Designed to embed a coaching culture within your organization, equipping your leaders with the skills and mindset necessary to provide sustained learning and development.

Level 1 – Core Fundamentals

This is the first level of our accredited micro-credentialing journey. In this 12-hour course, discover the core fundamentals of the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ model, framework, mindset and techniques for healthcare professionals.

Level 2A – Relationship Mastery

This is the second level of our accredited micro-credentialing journey. In this 10-hour course, you’ll first attune your relationship strengths and grow your coaching skills where you’ll receive your personalized Relationship Intelligence (RQ) assessment that will support you to refine your coaching skills.

Level 2B – Technical Mastery

In this 10-hour hybrid training, continue diving deeper following completing of the Level 2.0 Relationship Mastery to refine your coaching skills through practicing the proven techniques of the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ framework.

Level 3 – Live Implementation

Earn your Dive Into a Coach Approach™ certification and badge after completing this third level. In this 10-hour course, practice and implement the skills gained from the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ methodology to support a client / patient in real time.

Level 4 – ACC Mentorship

For those aspiring to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), this 10-hour course, following the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ certification, provides all the necessary support to meet the requirements.

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Accredited Training for Healthcare Organizations

Empower your teams with our customizable hybrid training program! Discover our four-step process to develop a Coaching Culture, maximize ROI, and explore benefits reported by other organizations.

Introducing our signature course, the first step of the Dive Into a Coach Approach credentialing journey. Offer your organization a customizable professional development program led by an award-winning coach educator, accredited by three globally renowned organizations (ICF, NBHWC, AOTA) for credibility and quality.

Our hybrid model allows teams to progress at their own pace through theory and participate in live sessions to practice skills, whether virtual or in-person. Assignments deepen learning and practice skills, with small group accountability ensuring real-world application.

Equip your teams with essential skills to accelerate patient recovery and foster lasting change, empowering clinicians to guide patients towards optimal well-being. Tailored to your organization’s goals, witness the profound impact on both practice and patient outcomes in just 12 hours.

 Hybrid Journey 

A self-paced online module customizable for your organization, used for onboarding new employees, combined with short live virtual sessions (under 1.5 hours) or in-person sessions to practice skills and create tailored resources.

– 12 ICF CCE
– 1.2 AOTA CEU

– A 60-page fillable e-book (PDF)
– Extensive reference materials for exploration during and after the course

  • Apply a coaching model to improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and prevent burnout.
  • Apply a 4-step framework to guide a coaching dialogue and high-impact accountability
  • List 10 techniques from the 4-step framework that will help you use a coach approach with confidence
  • Describe the 4 mindset principles for building high-quality patient-clinician interactions.
  • Develop an action plan to start implementing a coach approach in your practice immediately

Pricing varies based on the number of participants and level of customization. Additionally, we offer a tailored online module created specifically to support the onboarding process for new team members, enhancing the long-term value of our program.

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While we can facilitate groups of up to 48 participants, we recommend a maximum of 24 for optimal learning. This allows for personalized attention and fosters effective group dynamics, ensuring a rich and engaging experience for all.

Get Certified

We offer 50 hours of accredited training with the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ Certification to equip your healthcare organization with Coaching Champions.

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Meet Your Healthcare Leadership Expert

Hélène Thériaul is a certified leadership coach and registered occupational therapist who has seen the life-changing power of coaching help people reach their full potential. Her vision is that all healthcare professionals learn how to incorporate a coach approach into their practice to empower their clients and amplify their results.

As the creator of the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ model, Hélène combines the best in coaching theory and adult education to make the transformative power of this approach accessible, practical, and actionable. Using a learner-centred approach, her workshops are highly engaging, infused with fun and relevant activities, and designed with an eye to making the information “stick.”

Hélène also works as a clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia and holds a Master of Adult Education degree from St. Francis Xavier University. In recognition of her commitment to coaching, Hélène was honored as the 2023 International Coaching Federation (ICF) Emerging Coach Educator.

Why Work With Us

Accredited Training Programs

Over 20 years of evidence-based training accredited by top healthcare organizations, advancing leaders and client service in healthcare.

Supporting Your KPIs

Capture valuable data through pre and post coaching culture inventory assessments to inform strategies that align with your KPIs like retention rate and eNPS.

Flexible Learning Pathways

Ensure all team members start with Level 1, then select key individuals for Level 2, and develop champions through the full journey.

Global Award Recognition

Our DICA journey, recognized by the International Coaching Federation, earned us the prestigious coaching educator award.

Transparent Communication

We share feedback forms and mean percentile scores (MPS), ensuring open and clear communication to promote accountabliity and trust with organizations.

Customized Training Solutions

Support onboarding new members with tailored online modules, create customized tools, and deliver yearly short group training.

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