One on one sessions can be in person, via phone, or online via Zoom. They often run weekly or bi-weekly for a period of three to six months.

Coaching for Return to Work / Function —
Support and coaching for return to work and return to function

I enable positive change in people. Through a specialized combination of Occupational Therapy and coaching methods, I provide support and programs for returning to work, returning to function, and returning to life. All services are available to individuals privately or third-party representation on their behalf, and I can tailor the right assistance to your needs. Whether it’s a gradual and permanent return to work, an improvement on everyday functions and daily life, or to come to terms with living with chronic pain, I can help clients move forward at the right pace.

By embracing the Coach Approach, together we can get past the emotional, cognitive, and physical barriers to change, starting with a shift in perception and ending with healthy adjustments and self-management of symptoms. The right approach makes all the difference, and with a focus on support, learning, and self-directed development, the power for positive change is put in your hands. Aftercare, sustaining employment, or even if you’re struggling after already returning to work – my support is available, if you’re ready to make the change.