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Trainings to Equip Healthcare with Leadership Skills

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More than just another seminar: our training prevents employees from returning to old habits by offering content designed for actionable follow-through, with small group follow-ups ensuring accountability.

Increased job satisfaction.

Enhanced employee retention.

Reduced risk of burnout among your team members.

Development of critical leadership skills within your team.

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Healthcare Leadership Series

Function First Coaching is dedicated to transforming leaders within the healthcare industry, from current leadership roles to healthcare professionals, by prioritizing a people-first coaching culture. Our workshops offer actionable content and tools for immediate workplace impact, tailored to align values and leadership style. Sessions can stand alone or be customized for specific cohort journeys, ensuring relevance and effectiveness for every participant.

End the Burnout Cycle in Healthcare

Are you concerned about burnout affecting yourself or your team? Join us for an enlightening workshop where you'll explore the latest insights from the science of stress. Discover crucial indicators that signal burnout and gain practical strategies to foster resilience and well-being. Equip yourself with actionable steps to empower your team and thrive in today's demanding environment.

Stop Fixing- Start Coaching: Revolutionizing Healthcare

Discover how adopting a coaching approach is transforming the healthcare system and delivering better outcomes for patients and professionals alike. In this interactive session, explore tangible examples illustrating the shift from quick fixes to sustainable habits, leading to enhanced satisfaction for patients and staff. Learn key core competencies to immediately improve results as a practitioner and leader.

The Neuroscience of Goal Setting: Enhancing Outcomes

Embark on a captivating journey into the intricacies of goal setting. Gain invaluable insights into neural processes driving goal setting and uncover practical strategies to apply this knowledge. Discover a tool you can use immediately with patients that will improve their motivation to achieve theirs goals and learn how leaders can utilize this tool for performance evaluation, fostering growth within their teams.

Mastering Feedback: Effective Communication Strategies

Do you find yourself dreading feedback conversations? Join us for an interactive workshop where we delve into the reasons behind the discomfort associated with feedback and discover practical strategies to enhance both giving and receiving feedback. Be prepared to engage in hands-on practice to refine your skills and foster a culture of open communication and growth.

Laser-Focused Coaching: Empowering Employee Growth

Join us for an immersive workshop delving into the realm of laser coaching, a vital resource for fostering employee growth. Explore a 4-step process for rapid, pinpointed, 15-minute, strength-based conversations that empower you to adeptly tackle performance challenges and lead your staff towards growth. Enhance your coaching proficiency and steer your team towards success in this interactive session.

Coaching for Cruicial Conversations

Discover how to approach conversations with confidence when stakes are high, emotions run strong, and opinions vary. In this workshop, we'll explore coaching skills and strategies to help you more effectively navigate your next crucial conversation. Gain practical insights and tools to enhance your communication skills and achieve positive outcomes in challenging dialogues.

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Meet your healthcare leadership expert

Hélène Thériaul is a certified leadership coach and registered occupational therapist who has seen the life-changing power of coaching help people reach their full potential. Her vision is that all healthcare professionals learn how to incorporate a coach approach into their practice to empower their clients and amplify their results.

As the creator of the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ model, Hélène combines the best in coaching theory and adult education to make the transformative power of this approach accessible, practical, and actionable. Using a learner-centred approach, her workshops are highly engaging, infused with fun and relevant activities, and designed with an eye to making the information “stick.”

Hélène also works as a clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia and holds a Master of Adult Education degree from St. Francis Xavier University. In recognition of her commitment to coaching, Hélène was honored as the 2023 International Coaching Federation (ICF) Emerging Coach Educator.

If you are looking to build a coaching culture in your organization, check out our Dive Into a Coach Approach™ journey.​

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Unlock the potential of your team today! Schedule your Discovery Dive Call.

Our tailored solutions are for Continuing Education Providers Private Healthcare Public Healthcare

Function First Coaching offers robust continuing education (CE) to support your team in providing the best outcomes for patients. All of our solutions are rooted in our Dive Into a Coach Approach™ certification program.

End the Burnout Cycle in Healthcare

In this engaging session, participants will gain essential skills to recognize early signs of burnout and develop proactive action plans, benefiting both themselves and their team. Through exploring evidenced-based stress management techniques, attendees will discover how to foster a culture of well-being within their healthcare practice. By crafting personalized wellness plans, individuals not only prevent burnout for themselves but also contribute to enhancing the overall well-being of their team.

Duration (1.5-2 hours)

Stop Fixing- Start Coaching

Discover how the Coach Approach is revolutionizing the healthcare system and how it guarantees better outcomes for the patients and the professionals.

In this interactive session, Hélène provides tangible examples as to why going beyond the quick fix can lead to sustainable positive habits and improve satisfaction for  patients and staff. Discover key core competencies you can incorporate immediately for improved results as a practitioner and a leader. 

Duration (2-3 hours)

The Neuroscience of Goal Setting

Embark on a captivating journey into the intricacies of goal setting in this enlightening session. Gain invaluable insights into the neural processes that drive goal setting and uncover practical strategies to harness this knowledge in various aspects of life. Leave equipped wiht powerful tool, the Dive In Goals™ that can be a game-changer for healthcare professionals, enhancing client success in goal achievement. Additionally, discover how leaders can utilize this tool for performance evaluation, ultimately fostering growth and success within their teams.

Duration (1.5 - 2 hours)

If you are looking to build a coaching culture in your organization, check out our Dive Into a Coach Approach™ journey.​

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Combine Workshops for Impact and Savings: Optimize learning outcomes and foster team rapport by participating in a series of workshops together. Select a workshop quarterly and follow provided instructions for seamless integration into your team’s professional development plan.

If you are looking to build a coaching culture in your organization, check out our Dive Into a Coach Approach™ journey.