Project & Program Development —
Building the educational tools, resources, and assessments for coaching and healthcare

My role in developing tailor-made projects and programs allows me to devise instructional plans that not only work, but that can be transferred to leaders within your organization and smoothly implemented. Through my detail-oriented research and coaching style, I sort and prioritize the specific context of your needs, following elements from the Interactive Model of Program Planning.

By building a solid base of support, and encouragement of self-directed learning, these tools can pinpoint the specific areas for education and training that will be the most beneficial. Making recommendations based on your objectives, promoting the transfer of learning, and communicating detailed results are all part of how I build customized educational resources. All this leads to sustaining better working partnerships, encourages personal growth, and sets up your organization to get the absolute best out of its workforce.

Each organization is unique – and so are the coaching needs and tools. Just like the stream cuts around the hardest rocks to find the best path, I develop tools, resources, and assessments best aligned with your organizations needs and values.