OTs Get Paid | How Leadership Affects your Bottom Line

Discover how leadership impacts your bottom line with Trish Williams and Hélène Thériault. Are you a leader? In your business? Your community? The entrepreneurial world? Likely yes. Learn how a Coach Approach boosts employee retention and goal achievement, driving profits in your OT business.

Impact Report

Experience transformative impact with our healthcare-focused Coach Approach. We reduce burnout, boost patient satisfaction, instill impact in clinical and leadership skills, refine communication, streamline rehabilitation planning, foster stronger professional relationships, and elevate work satisfaction.

OTs Get Paid | Living by your Core Word

Living By Your Core Word with Trish Williams and Hélène Thériault. How capable are you of setting and achieving goals? What if you added a “secret sauce” to get there with greater ease? We are talking Flow state this week, in particular, using a Core Word to focus your work and life.

The impact of Coach Approach in Healthcare

In this short 3-minute video, meet Helene and Sam and witness the transformative power of the Coach Approach in healthcare. Explore how this approach creates positive ripple effects for healthcare practitioners and patients alike.

The Wheel of Health and Wellbeing

Assess your clients’ health and well-being priorities, gauge their current satisfaction levels, and objectively measure the success of your intervention with this practical tool. Enhance your healthcare practice today.

Dive In Goals™

Go beyond SMART goals to boost your patients’ motivation and help them achieve their rehabilitation goals. Use this resource as a worksheet or guide for intervention planning, and watch your patients flourish.

Improve Clinical Outcomes and Empower your Clients

In partnership with Continued. Not a member? Sign up to access one session for free. Discover the benefits of integrating the Coach Approach into occupational therapy and learn how it can enhance clinical outcomes and empower your clients.