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Function First Coaching is dedicated to being your go-to partner in Healthcare Professional Development and credentialing. With more than 20 years of expertise in research, design, and delivery of evidenced-based training, we became leaders in the healthcare industry with many accredited programs.

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Coach Approach for Healthcare Professionals

In this 3-hour online module, explore the distinction between the Coach Approach and other talk therapies like Motivational Interviewing and CBT. Gain valuable insights to amplify your results as a healthcare professional, leave with a tool to empower your patients to go beyond SMART goals and elevate your practice.

$125 for Members | $90 for Students | $160 for Non-Members

CAOT – Coaching for Leadership Excellence

Enhance your occupational therapy leadership skills with the online course 'Coaching for Leadership Excellence.' Led by occupational therapist Hélène Thériault, the four-part series covers coaching principles, communication, active listening, and feedback. Explore self-assessment, action planning, and fostering a coaching culture. Elevate your impact on client care and the occupational therapy profession.

Protected: DICA 2.0 Resources

This resource is for all of those who have completed the DICA Level 1.0 Course. This content is password protected, so you will need to enter the password to view it.

Coaching Tools For Healthcare​

"Coaching Tools for Healthcare" is a comprehensive bundle of five short courses designed for healthcare professionals using a coach approach. With 11 hours of self-paced content, the program is accredited by NBHWC, ICF, and AOTA, providing educational credits. Boost your confidence and readiness to apply a Coach Approach in healthcare, irrespective of your practice area.

OTs Get Paid | Living by your Core Word

Living By Your Core Word with Trish Williams and Hélène Thériault. How capable are you of setting and achieving goals? What if you added a "secret sauce" to get there with greater ease? We are talking Flow state this week, in particular, using a Core Word to focus your work and life.

Energy Balance Blueprint

The Energy Balance Blueprint empowers clients to conquer energy management, boost productivity, and elevate their weekly quality. Our comprehensive module equips therapists to organize and execute over six client sessions, delivering a structured roadmap for implementation of this strategy.

Protected: DICA 1.0 Resources

This resource is for all of those who have completed the DICA Level 1.0 Course. This content is password protected, so you will need to enter the password to view it.

OTs Get Paid | How Leadership Affects your Bottom Line

Discover how leadership impacts your bottom line with Trish Williams and Hélène Thériault. Are you a leader? In your business? Your community? The entrepreneurial world? Likely yes. Learn how a Coach Approach boosts employee retention and goal achievement, driving profits in your OT business.

The impact of Coach Approach in Healthcare

In this short 3-minute video, meet Helene and Sam and witness the transformative power of the Coach Approach in healthcare. Explore how this approach creates positive ripple effects for healthcare practitioners and patients alike.

The Wheel of Health and Wellbeing

Assess your clients' health and well-being priorities, gauge their current satisfaction levels, and objectively measure the success of your intervention with this practical tool. Enhance your healthcare practice today.

Dive In Goals™ (Français)

Allez au-delà des objectifs SMART pour augmenter la motivation de vos clients à atteindre leurs objectifs. Utilisez cet outil comme feuille de travail ou comme guide dans la planification de votre intervention.

Roue de la Santé et Bien-être

Évaluez les priorités de vos clients en matière de santé et de bien-être, leur niveau de satisfaction actuel et mesurez objectivement le succès de votre intervention avec cet outil prêt à l'emploi.

Dive In Goals™

Go beyond SMART goals to boost your patients' motivation and help them achieve their rehabilitation goals. Use this resource as a worksheet or guide for intervention planning, and watch your patients flourish.

Improve Clinical Outcomes and Empower your Clients

In partnership with Continued. Not a member? Sign up to access one session for free. Discover the benefits of integrating the Coach Approach into occupational therapy and learn how it can enhance clinical outcomes and empower your clients.

Comment bâtir une relation durable avec ses clients

En partenariat avec Hexfit, Hélène partage avec Etienne Dubois le pourquoi et le comment d'utiliser l'approche de coaching dans le domaine de la santé.