Services Overview


Leadership Coaching and Development
Advancing businesses and individuals to achieve mutual optimal growth

Building a coaching culture within an organization takes the right support, the right tools and the right attitude, but the benefits speak for themselves. It provides the capability of self-sufficient nurturing, directed by in-house leaders empowered by my one-on-one session. These sessions tap into their work behaviours and motivations, and give them the means to achieve their A-player potential – to be the best they can in their workforce.

Empowering your team and supporting the growth of the coaching culture within your business lays the groundwork for developing a stronger company. This leads to improved working and client relationships, understanding the importance of your core values, and encouragement of innovation from your people. It’s about streamlining how you work together. Organizations that are innovative and receptive to the changes that the Coach Approach can bring see the benefit of more productive teams and smoother collaborations. By embedding the coaching culture and coaching champions, I create long-term  enhancements in business wellness, which boosts performance of individuals, and of your organization as a whole.

Together we’ll build the water wheel, so that you can harness the existing power of  your own river. Click here to view the Leadership Packages available— let’s start to build that coaching culture together.

“A coaching culture is one where the principles, beliefs, and mindsets driving people’s behaviour in the workplace are deeply rooted in the discipline of coaching”  (GET REFERENCE)

Coaching for Occupational Therapists
Professional Coaching, support, and resources for OTs and their organizations

Being someone who understands the multifaceted requirements and burdens of different cases puts me in a great position to help coach OT’s. Whether you need support and assistance with a particularly complex client caseload, help transitioning to private practice, or you want to discover new intervention and treatment tools. I’m here to help you build upon and advance the Occupational Therapist you already are.

My goal is to utilize the Coach Approach for individual OTs and OTs within an organization, passing on its values and encouraging continuation through this style. Like ripples in a pond, implementation leads to extensive growth and widespread benefits for both OTs and businesses looking to advance in this department. Increasing return on investment, diversifying referral portfolios and inspiring professional confidence are just some of the payoffs –if we want to make more ripples we need to nurture and exercise our throwing arm, to put the best of ourselves into our work and extend our reach.

Boost your career, your approach, and yourself – new tools, assessments and resources are only the beginning. Click here to view the Coaching Packages available. 



Occupational Therapy & Coaching for Health
Support and coaching for return to work, return to function, and return to life

I enable positive change in people. Through a specialized combination of Occupational Therapy and coaching methods, I provide support and programs for returning to work, returning to function, and returning to life. All services are available to individuals privately or third-party representation on their behalf, and I can tailor the right assistance to your needs. Whether it’s a gradual and permanent return to work, an improvement on everyday functions and daily life, or to come to terms with living with chronic pain, I can help clients move forward at the right pace.

By embracing the Coach Approach, together we can get past the emotional, cognitive, and physical barriers to change, starting with a shift in perception and ending with healthy adjustments and self-management of symptoms. The right approach makes all the difference, and with a focus on support, learning, and self-directed development, the power for positive change is put in your hands. Aftercare, sustaining employment, or even if you’re struggling after already returning to work – my support is available, if you’re ready to make the change.

One on one sessions can be in person, via phone, or online via Zoom, and can run weekly or bi-weekly for a period of three to six months. Click here to view the Health Packages available.