Function First Coaching™ Services​

Function First Coaching is dedicated to being your go-to partner in Healthcare Professional Development and credentialing. With more than 20 years of expertise in research, design, and delivery of evidence-based training, we became leaders in the healthcare industry with many accredited programs.

Join our community of trusted clients and partner with us to grow your skills, improve patient outcomes, and build sustainable practices.

Group Training

Micro Credentials and Professional Certification

Learn the techniques and acquire the tools needed to facilitate lasting flow and momentum for clients, patients and staff in an inclusive, interactive and experiential virtual or in-person group environment.

Speaking Engagement

Annual conference or Education Day

From discovering your strengths to applying new coaching techniques in your practice, Hélène delivers engaging and practical science-based talks and workshops catered to the medical community.

Private Coaching

Individual Coaching for Healthcare Professionals and Leaders
A comprehensive 1-on-1 coaching services that cultivate productivity, professional and personal growth on a deeper level to develop attainable action plans that shift your human capital to thriving community leaders.