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We help you enhance your patient’s satisfaction

Private healthcare organizations are constantly looking for efficient, cost effective, and innovative ways to improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes while recruiting and retaining the best healthcare practitioners.

We have a proven track record in delivering customized patient-satisfaction training to equip your healthcare team with new coaching skills to support your patient retention and meet your goals.

We guarantee evidenced-based training that is immediately applicable within your team and easily integrated in your processes. Our actionable solutions are meant to improve your patient’s satisfaction while creating a culture centered around wellness to attract and retain your key people.

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Are Dive Into a Coach Approach™ certification training program is accredited by:

Our Customized Solutions for the Private Healthcare Sector

Partner with a trusted and knowledgeable healthcare advisor specialized in micro credentialing coaching training with the fraction of the costs for a full team accreditation, so you can easily boost your patient satisfaction and empower retention.

Provide your staff with an accredited evidence-based training immediately applicable in the workplace to improve their mental health and increase their confidence and work satisfaction.

Our curated solutions bridge the gap between your current and ideal team expertise while being aligned with your company’s culture.

Discover proven approaches to prevent burnout within your team, boost their personal leadership, and provide them with customized support to meet your beneficiaries needs.

Our solutions will help you provide your team with the skills needed that will improve your patient’s health outcome & support meeting demand.

Choose a micro-credentialing training with the skillset that uplevel your team’s communication style, empathy, and increase their service delivery.

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What We Promise

We strive to provide private healthcare organizations with customized patient-satisfaction training to equip your team with new skills using a Coach Approach, supporting patient retention and your organization’s goals

Training Excellence

More than 20 years of designing and delivering exceptional evidence-based training accredited by top renowned healthcare organizations.

Micro Credential

Our commitment to elevate your team’s knowledge equipping them with the skills they need to make a meaningful difference in your patient’s lives.

Curated Solutions

Comprehensive in-house expertise in designing customized training content you can replicate that is tailored to your organizations culture, goals and budget.

Why Choose Function First Coaching

Knowledge elevation for your team

Customized Online modules for Self-Pace Learning

Live Training for Skill Practice

Mentorship to Train the Trainer

Interactive and Experiential

Customized Tools for your Organization

Our Tailored Solutions

Function First Coaching offers robust continuing education (CE) to support your team in providing the best outcomes for patients. All of our solutions are rooted in our Dive Into a Coach Approach™ certification program.

Coaching Training Full Version

Develop core skills that will boost patient satisfaction and empower retention.
Earn 50 CCE

Go through the four levels of our certification journey at a pace that is aligned with your team’s availability.

Delivery Methodology

  • 50 hours of CCE’s 
  • Hybrid training: online module & live 
  • Peer coaching
  • Small group practice

Coaching Training Light version

Implement actionable coaching techniques to improve direct sales.
Earn 12 CCE

Attend this crash course and learn key techniques to be customer-centric to improve patient outcome.

Delivery Methodology

  • 8 hours online module
  • 4 hours live training
  • Maximum attendees: 36

Team Building Workshop

Assess and inspire your team to increase their effectiveness and work satisfaction.
Earn 10 CCE

Discover the right strength, at the right time for the right result within your team and further develop their coaching skills.

Delivery Methodology

  • 4 x 1.5 hours Live Sessions or Full Day
  • 1 hour Recap session 
  • Maximum attendees: 24

Education Day or Annual Conference coming up?

Dip your toe in the Dive Into A Coach Approach™ with our 1 to 3 hour seminar packages to discover and practice a set of skills. Swim away with practical tools tailored to your needs.

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Your Trainer

Hélène Thériault- BScOT, MAdEd, PCC

Hélène Thériault is a world-renowned speaker, holistic coach, and educator – fluent in both French and English. With her company Function First Coaching, she is on a mission to change the face of healthcare by empowering service providers, professionals, and leaders to build sustainable practices and improve patients’ clinical outcomes.

“When you get the most out of yourself and learn how to put your best foot forward, that’s when I’m at my happiest!”

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