Moira Peña

This training is a MUST for any healthcare professional! I’ve been able to apply the learning immediately not only in my role as a pediatric occupational therapist but also in my leadership role.

Willy Tran

Through the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ program, I gained confidence in client interactions, improving outcomes, and strengthened peer relationships. It enabled me to seize growth opportunities within the organization, applying coaching principles in clinical and leadership roles.

Chris Wherity

Hélène’s engaging and interactive approach to delivering content was a breath of fresh air. The value it can bring to teams is immense, helping foster effective collaboration and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Anne-Pascale Menard

The Level 2 was an eye opener when acquiring and understanding my personalized assessment report. I left with more tools and more confidence than anticipated to support me to manage my team more effectively.

Shannon Rolph

The Coach Approach training provided powerful, easy-to-implement tools for my practice with parents and children. It enhanced my listening and reflection skills, helping me collaborate more effectively and recognize parents and children as their own best experts.