Willy Tran

Through the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ program, I gained confidence in client interactions, improving outcomes, and strengthened peer relationships. It enabled me to seize growth opportunities within the organization, applying coaching principles in clinical and leadership roles.

Makenna Parker

The Dive Into a Coach Approach™ certification provided incredible insights and opportunities to support clients. It made me a better, more relaxed therapist, excited for my clients’ growth due to their inner strengths.

Angela Lake

The Dive Into a Coach Approach™ certification is a transformative journey, advancing both personal and professional growth. I am forever grateful to my organization for supporting this accredited program.

Haley-Anne Massingham

Completing the full Dive Into a Coach Approach™ certification pushed me out of my comfort zone. It was challenging but immensely rewarding, revealing the true value of coaching and its exciting, greater impact.

Jes Trio

The Dive Into a Coach Approach™ certification greatly enhanced my skills and practice. Immediate application, supportive feedback, and practice with a coaching partner were invaluable. As a seasoned OT, this refreshing addition has reduced burnout and improved client outcomes.

Tamara Shih

The Dive Into a Coach Approach™ certification transforms both practitioners and their clients. You gain self-insights that not only enhance your professional skills but also positively impact the lives of everyone you work with.

Susan Czyzo

Working with your own client while receiving support from fellow coaches-in-training and Hélène is invaluable. Regular check-ins provided new insights to apply in my coaching sessions, and the supportive environment made the journey enriching.