Tamara Shih

The Dive Into a Coach Approach™ certification transforms both practitioners and their clients. You gain self-insights that not only enhance your professional skills but also positively impact the lives of everyone you work with.

Susan Czyzo

Working with your own client while receiving support from fellow coaches-in-training and Hélène is invaluable. Regular check-ins provided new insights to apply in my coaching sessions, and the supportive environment made the journey enriching.

Anne-Pascale Menard

The Level 2 was an eye opener when acquiring and understanding my personalized assessment report. I left with more tools and more confidence than anticipated to support me to manage my team more effectively.

Anne-Pascale Menard

After this training, I have experienced effective results in my occupational therapy practice, leader role as a CEO and even with my kids. Highly recommended for any healthcare professional!

Sartre Jean-Gilles

Function First Coaching’s Dive Into a Coach Approach™ Level 1 course, crafted for healthcare organizations, is led by exceptional facilitator Hélène. The user-friendly, well-organized online modules are filled with actionable content, embodying healthcare professionals’ principles.

Thomas Wong

This training expanded my toolkit and reinforced essential techniques, helping reduce frustration with patients and improve outcomes. Highly recommended for healthcare organizations.

Jacob Pruden

Training with Function First Coaching greatly enhanced my leadership skills and effectiveness with both my team and clients. Hélène excels at teaching coaching skills and supporting our team in applying them, making her training invaluable.

Lina Smair Al-Rayes

The Level 1 course has provided me with a model, framework and tools I can use in the health and wellbeing space with more impactful results for my patients. I’m so grateful for taking it!

Shannon Rolph

The Coach Approach training provided powerful, easy-to-implement tools for my practice with parents and children. It enhanced my listening and reflection skills, helping me collaborate more effectively and recognize parents and children as their own best experts.

Donna Drynan

Helene provides a person centred evidence informed workshop in her Dive into Coach Approach™ 1.0. The sessions were interactive, engaging and tailored to my work setting so the theory and skills we practiced were easily translated to my day to day.