Moira Peña

This training is a MUST for any healthcare professional! I’ve been able to apply the learning immediately not only in my role as a pediatric occupational therapist but also in my leadership role.

Chris Wherity

Hélène’s engaging and interactive approach to delivering content was a breath of fresh air. The value it can bring to teams is immense, helping foster effective collaboration and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Lina Smair Al-Rayes

We truly appreciated the tools and resources provided by Hélène. They significantly improved the function of our team and enhanced our engagement with patients. Each session was engaging, and we found the content to be extremely valuable.

Danielle Desjardins

The first words that come to mind when I reflect on my coaching sessions with Hélène is “empowerment”! My 1:1 time with her as helped me improve my work-life balance and found joy again in the work that I do. I’ve discovered tools and strategies through our time together that I’ve implemented and have improved my wellbeing as a result. I’ve gained more from our sessions than I thought possible.

Janet Klassen

Knowing I had my 1:1 sessions with Hélène every 2-weeks helped me to structure my week more effectively knowing I could save my concerns / challenges I had for that time. It has helped me save time, improve customer satisfaction, and boost my confidence in leading.

Anne-Pascale Menard

After this training, I have experienced effective results in my occupational therapy practice, leader role as a CEO and even with my kids. Highly recommended for any healthcare professional!

Thomas Wong

This training expanded my toolkit and reinforced essential techniques, helping reduce frustration with patients and improve outcomes. Highly recommended for healthcare organizations.

Jacob Pruden

Training with Function First Coaching greatly enhanced my leadership skills and effectiveness with both my team and clients. Hélène excels at teaching coaching skills and supporting our team in applying them, making her training invaluable.

Mark Rattray

Hélène’s attention to detail and alignment of professional development content with our organization’s goals have been invaluable. Her coaching empowered our team, resulting in improved communication, accountability, and ultimately, better results.

Peter De Marchi

Hélène’s training fosters sustainable change and empowers you to unlock your clients’ abilities. I’ve successfully applied the coaching principles in both my clinical and leadership roles.