Workshops —
Progressing the Coach Approach further and finding long term solutions together

There is an ever-increasing demand for transformative learning and coaching in healthcare. Certain challenges need a deep-dive into their inner workings, and someone who understands how to rework how we think about goals and motivations. The Coach Approach, with its focus on positive reinforcement, increasing self-awareness, responsibility and self-directed learning through dialogue, is one of the most impactful tools both healthcare and other professionals can have at hand. 

My interactive workshops centre around these principles, and empower others to lead themselves, their clients, and their colleagues to work through different barriers to success. Together we collaborate to generate fresh ways of thinking, working on exercises in a nurturing environment that gives participants tools and resources that can be immediately applied. From educating healthcare specialists to facilitating conflict resolution and improving working relationships – learning together you can unlock the untapped potential in yourself and in each other.