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Learn the sought-after Coach Approach and acquire applicable and actionable tools to facilitate lasting flow and momentum for your clients, patients, and staff.

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We are proud to announce that CCE and AOTA credits are available in our Dive Into a Coach Approach™ Certification Training Program.

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Why DICA Certification Matters Now More Than Ever?

Accelerate Positive Transformation In Healthcare

After experiencing the impact a Coach Approach had in her practice –from improved clinical outcomes, confidence, burnout prevention, new e-health service delivery—it was beyond Hélène to keep this methodology to herself. She noticed how this approach linked directly to foundational competencies required for all helping professions and that it could also assist healthcare to shift from a curative to a preventative supporting clients to develop self-management skills—a critical need for our healthcare systems globally.

Hélène strongly felt that healthcare professionals did not require a full coaching accreditation to effectively use the Coach Approach. She thus created the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ certification—a micro credentialing program—that is now  recognized and accredited by global organizations.

Many healthcare professionals as well as students in varied healthcare fields—such as Occupational Therapists, Kinesiologists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Nurses—have successfully and effectively applied the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ methodology in their varied roles and practice areas from pediatric to acute care and from clinical to leadership roles.

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Receive micro-credentials in a proven training program designed for healthcare professionals and accredited by global organizations.

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Improve your patients’ clinical outcomes and success rate by honing new coaching skills and applying reliable time and management tools.

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Increase your empathy and communication skills among others to serve your clients exponentially and improve your relationships.

How It Works​
Our proprietary Dive Into a Coach Approach™ (DICA) curriculum is designed to help uplevel healthcare professional’s competencies and skills to improve patient outcomes and support healthcare organizations recruitment and retention efforts.

Our training methodology focuses on three areas in order to achieve groundbreaking results: Adult Learning Principles, Evidence-based research and Core Competencies. Swipe to learn more about each of these three pillars of DICA.

Pillar One

Adult Learning Principles

We use an Instructor-Led, Participant-Centered approach in the design and delivery of our training making the learning engaging, interactive and FUN in order to make the information “stick”. Our actionable content is designed for practitioners to put their new learned skills and tools into practice the next day to start making an immediate impact.
Pillar Two

Evidence-based & Theory

We rely on evidence research in the development and ongoing updates of our content utilizing our Literature Review Guide that prioritizes systematic reviews. In addition, DICA is founded and draws upon areas that includes motivational interviewing, transformative learning theory, self-determination theory, neuroscience, mindfulness, transtheoretical models of change, and cognitive behavioral principles.
Pillar Three

Core Competencies

DICA was created utilizing the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Core Competencies, highlighting competencies that are foundational for all helping professions–communication. Our methodology develops competencies for effective patient-clinician communication to engage and motivate patients.
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The Dive Into a Coach Approach™ Levels

Take the Plunge! Our curriculum includes three levels of micro-credentialing for a total of 32 CEU's towards your coaching accredentialing.
Per request we can design
customized packages for Private Healthcare, Public Healthcare and Universities / Associations that meet your needs and outcomes.

Dive Into a Coach Approach™ 1.0

LEVEL 1.0: Introduction 

Get introduced to the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ model, framework, and guiding principles in this 12-hours training. Discover tools you can implement immediately to improve clinical outcomes, reduce burnout, and better manage your clinicians’ time and energy

Dive Into a Coach Approach™ 2.0

LEVEL 2.0: Mastery

Improve therapeutic use of self and build your leadership skills in this 10-hour training. Receive your personalized  Relationship Intelligence (RQ) assessment. Add tools to your Coaching Dive-Kit and grow confidence through 1:1 practice.


Dive Into a Coach Approach™ 3.0

LEVEL 3.0: Implementation 

Implement the Coach Approach methodology  to grow your practice or organization and start co-creating with your team  a customized guide for sustainable impact.  Select your Coaching Champions who will receive 1:1 mentorship.

About our Micro-Credentialing Journey


Level 1 - This is the first level of our accredited micro-credentialing journey. In this 12-hour course, discover the core fundamentals of the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ model, framework, mindset and techniques for healthcare professionals.


Level 2A - This is the second level of our accredited micro-credentialing journey. In this 10-hour course, you'll first attune your relationship strengths and grow your coaching skills where you'll receive your personalized Relationship Intelligence (RQ) assessment that will support you to refine your coaching skills.


Level 2B - In this 10-hour hybrid training, continue diving deeper following completing of the Level 2.0 Relationship Mastery to refine your coaching skills through practicing the proven techniques of the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ framework.


Level  3 - This is the third level of our accredited micro-credentialing journey. In this 10-hour course, practice and implement the skills gained from the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ methodology to support a client / patient in real time.


Level 4 - The last step of the journey won't direct you to another webpage. However, additional information is available upon request and upon entering the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ (DICA) Journey.

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